Add-ins can give you additional functionality that Excel may have not come with originally. They can add new functions, macros and more. Once add-ins are installed, they often add new buttons, toolbars and whole menus. I am going to show you how you can install an add-in and then utilize it.

Installing Add-ins:
There are some add-ins provided by Microsoft that are available for immediate install. You can see the add-ins immediately available by going to the tools menu=>add-ins. You will se a list of add-ins available. Click the checkbox by the add-in you would like to install and choose OK. The add-in is now ready to use.

For 3rd party and manual install add-ins (like add-ins you may have downloaded online), save the add-in your computer. The default add-in location is either:

 The Library folder or one of its subfolders in the Microsoft Office/Office folder.
 The Documents and Settings//Application Data/Microsoft/AddIns folder.

While these are the default locations, you are not required to save the add-in there. Once the add-in is saved to your computer, open Excel and go to the tools menu=>add-ins. If you saved the add-in to the default locations, you will see the add-in listed in the list. If you installed the add-in elsewhere, go to browse and find your add-in and add to the list. Click the checkbox by the add-in you would like to install and choose OK. The add-in is now ready to use

Using Add-ins:

Every add-in is different, so you will need to refer to the help for the add-in for specifics. To see an add-in in action, go to the tools menu=>add-ins and choose conditional sum wizard and choose OK. After this add-in is installed, you will now see the conditional sum option under tools. You can click on it and use the conditional sum wizard as if it were an original Excel component.

Add-ins can improve and optimize your Excel use. There are many free and “for fee” add-ins available, test them out, you might find something you like.

Free add-ins

Joseph Harris

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