Subsidium Business Analytics has released its Excel to PowerPoint converter. We though we would take it for a spin to see how it works and if it is worth the money.

    Purchase and Install

The Excel to PowerPoint converter cost $4.99 so my expectation was low. I purchased the add-in and an automatic download began. The install was a simple standard add-in installation, they provided directions within the file. The add-in added a “Excel to PowerPoint” button to my toolbar.


To begin, I created a fake excel workbook full of charts and data tables. Once my workbook was complete I clicked the Excel to Powerpoint Converter button. A simple window opened asking me to select the tabse I wanted to convert from a list, I selected all the tabs. I was then given the option of selecting convert charts only or entire worksheets to PowerPoint. I chose entire worksheets. Next I pressed OK. PowerPoint opened and was populated with the contents of my entire workbook in under 5 seconds.


Wow! I am impressed, for $4.99 you cant go wrong. This is a very simple, yet powerful tool. I highly recommend it to anyone that works in both Excel and PowerPoint.

Excel to PowerPoint Converter
Subsidium Excel Add-Ins

Joseph Harris

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