While compiling videos for the Excel tutorials section of ExcelYogi, I came across Excel Video Professor. After reading about it, I decided to see if it was any good, so I ordered it for free here:
Free Video Professor.

The shipping was very fast, I ordered the Excel training on a Thursday and received it on Monday. The training came with three CDs, three books and 2 handy “quick guides”.

video professor

The Excel training consisted of three lessons:

Lesson One
Understand, customize and manage the Excel environment
Move through a workbook using the worksheet tabs
Changing Excel options and managing shortcuts
Working with formulas

Lesson Two
How to create, format, edit and print spreadsheets
Learn to manage multiple workbooks and worksheets simultaneously
Determining what type of chart to use based on the context of your data
Hide data on worksheets

Lesson Three
Merge and format cells
Create, populate and edit databases
Use the AutoFilter to filter specific information within a table, or create a custom filter
And more.

I was pleasantly surprised at the flow of the videos and the amount of information covered. All versions of Excel are available. It is the easiest Excel tutorial I have seen and for a price of zero, it is hard to beat. You can order the tutorial I reviewed in this article here:

Video Professor

Joseph Harris
Excel Help

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