Today I took a look at the Plug-N-Play Dashboards from The plug-n-play (PNP) dashboard cost $29.95 for the dashboard only and $64.95 to receive the ebook and 21 sample files.

I was delightfully surprised at the simplicity of the whole process, from buying and downloading, to setting up the dashboard. The entire process, from purchasing to completion of a simple dashboard took only 45 minutes! I found the following features exceptionally useful:

  1. Choose from 10 different customizable designs to start with.
  2. Choose from 15 color themes. Between the color themes and report designs, I was able to closely match the logo and theme of a company I am currently consulting with.
  3. Most users will not even know that your dashboard is based in Excel.
  4. Most important of all, once your dahboard is set up, maintaining it is as easy as entering daily/weekly/monthly data into a spreadsheet.

ExcelUser makes an effort to work with you to complete any requirements for corporate reimbursement. They are happy to provide you a receipt in the form your company needs to complete expense reimbursement.

This day and age it is almost impossible to be responsible for corporate analysis and not provide a dashboard of some sort The ExcelUser PNP dashboard is my top pick for a simple easy to create dashboard.

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Joseph Harris
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