If you have ever had to change the same thing on 50 workbooks, then you probably have already discovered the Excel macro recorder. The macro recorder will record your every click which you can then play back to repeat the task you just performed. It is an easy way of automating task.

To use the macro recorder:

  1. From the Excel menu select Tools=>Macro=>Record New Macro
  2. Name your macro and select ok
  3. Perform some task such as put the word apple in cell a1 and banana in b1.
  4. From the Excel menu select Tools=>Macro=>Stop Recording
  5. Delete the apple and banana example words
  6. Press alt+f8 to open macro window
  7. Select your macro from the list and choose run

If you did everything correctly, your example words should have been written out again in the same cells.

That is the macro recorder in a nutshell!

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